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386 Style Group in Fabric

Item status
Inside Back Style
Loose pillow, Boxing
Back Profile
Scroll back
Base Style
Turned or carved leg, Baseband, Nailhead along base
Leg Style
Front: Screw-in (removable)
Back: Built-in, different from front
Arm Style
English arm, T-cushion
Standard (available without nailhead at no additional charge)
Nailhead Placement
Front of base, Outside arms/ears
Wood Trim Available
Has Welt Cord
Standard pillows
Large Sofa: One pair 20" style #35 pillows
Loveseat: One pair 20" style #35 pillows
Design note
The 386 is standard with a loose pillw back in fabric but a semi-attached back in leather.
Due to the curved arm design of the 386 style, horizontal and vertical patterns cannot be fully matched. Consequently, we do not recommend plaids or stripes on the 386 group.

"Comfort Wrinkles" are designed in this style to enhance the exceptionally soft feel of the seat and back cushions.

Pieces shown:386-13 Large Sofa
386-30 Stationary Chair
386-40 Ottoman
Fabric shown: 278810 (no longer available), two 20" style #35 pillows in 279610 (no longer available) with fringe #108, two 22" style #14 pillows in 279710 (no longer available) with jumbo welt in 278810 (no longer available)
Wood finish shown: Shagbark
Nailhead finish shown: Antique Brass
Fabric shown on chair and ottoman: 279610 (no longer available)

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